Say hello to our Project Brands. Whether new or established, these brands are ready to break new ground in the drinks trade.

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Vermouth and Aperitivo

Created in Edinburgh, by Italian Hands

Old poison is a Scottish craft distillery, founded by mixologist Fabrizio Cioffi, established in the heart of Edinburgh.

Our products are created after many years of experimentation and experiences, always looking to find a truly unique flavour, mixing traditional and modern distilling methods using only the finest herbs, fruits and spices.



Willfully Uncompromising Spirit

Outstanding 5 year old Caribbean rum brought to Scotland and macerated with a blend of carefully selected global botanicals, including African kola nut, Arabian cubebs, and Scottish heather honey. The result is a deeply indulgent botanical rum, perfect for supping or mixing.

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Scotch Whisky Liqueur

World Liqueur Awards, Best Scottish Fruit Liqueur

SRFDA Gold Medal

Introducing the Cairns Scotch Whisky Liqueur, a long held dream of our founder, George Cairns. As a young Coppersmith, building distilleries all over Scotland ,his love of Whisky began. Fast forward throughout many years in Whisky, Engineering and Education his dream of starting his own whisky business took flight and became a reality. We can now introduce Cairns Scotch Whisky Liqueur; a tempting fusion of Blended Scotch Malt Whisky, Highland Heather Honey and succulent Elderberries, bottled at 20% abv.

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Cocktail Foaming Elixir

Our foaming elixir adds the perfect head to any cocktail without using eggs.
Switch today and save money, space and time by simply adding 5 drops to each cocktail mix before you shake it. 
What you will get is foamy heads with no eggs!